Friday, November 30, 2012

Start Back Training

With a purpose, that is!!

My first race of  2013 is now only 10 weeks out so back to it. That means for the month of December, three 20+ mile runs, which the first  one is tomorrow Dec 1st.

I'm starting out this season at 145lbs in body weight which is awesome, as I expect to drop some . I really wish I could get to 135lbs but its hard when you eat Nutella .

I also like to begin my new year of training with new purchases. Items like new shoes  (important right?) I have finally found my perfect road shoe ( Saucony kinvara) but still after all this time on the trails have not found the perfect trail shoe. I'll be trying out a new one soon. Also, I always need new running attire so probably will buy new shirt etc...I'll see what REI and stores like that have. I do get a pro discount with Adidas but never have found any of their clothing  right for my body, go figure.

Anyway, excited to start back training with a purpose. There is a saying " your energy flows where your focus is"  I love living with my focus on positive things and trail running is one of those for me.

Inspirational quote: "All that we are is the result of what we have thought."  The Buddha

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