Monday, November 19, 2012


It's been forever since I last posted. I've been training but just lightly after the Colorado race. Being consistent and recovering. Also been putting together my race schedule for 2013. Really??? 2013, I can hardly believe its that date. Time goes by way too fast, but here of late I've been really enjoying my life and everything it has to offer. This is probably due to my age as I do find myself being more present than at any other time of my life. Time on this planet is the only thing I can think of that has helped that process.
So schedule for 2013.... Drum roll please!!!

Jan-just training and train hard and smart
Feb- 50k lovin the hills ( Louisville ,ky)
Mar-Savage Gulf trail marathon ( Tn)
April- a new stage race in Oak Ridge Tn
May-Chatt trail marathon Chattanooga Tn
June- Rock Creek stage race Chattanooga Tn

So there you go, barring any injuries etc etc..lets see what I can do!!!!!


bulldog said...

Short blog. Write more.

....Stage Race??

johnny said...

Bulldog, short??? That's because attention span today is Feel free to read previous posts.Should be enough reading for you...
Stage race...what is your question???